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JV-HelpDesk Tips!

  1. This is the demo of the Business edition of JV-HelpDesk. To effectively use the demo site, please login as demo1 and create new tickets or reply to your tickets.
  2. Tickets can be assigned priority based on the urgency of the request/ticket
  3. From backend, you can add new statuses and tickets can be assigned to them. In frontend, when a customer or staff logs in, he/she will be shown tickets in tabs named by statuses.
  4. In the backend, you can filter by category, status, priority and language
  5. As admin you can configure categories to allow users belonging to specific user groups to create or open new tickets in them.
  6. As admin you can decide the user group in your site, which should act as the staff members.
  7. Customers will be able to attach files with tickets
  8. Administrators can create different ticket types like Bug, Feature request, How To etc... via backend
  9. When customers decide to close their tickets, they can rate them for the quality and timeliness of support received.
  10. As administrator, you can configure certain priorities of tickets to show a warning message when they are chosen by the customer.
  11. Customers and Staff members can tag tickets on topics or keywords which can also be displayed in a tag cloud module.
  12. You can visit the backend and create modules to show recent tickets, recent replies, un-assigned tickets, show ticket tags etc...